I will call you to hold you accountable

For $... $... ..., I will personally call you to hold you accountable for your goals

I Will Hold You Accountable - For $15/month I will call your phone to hold you accountable | Product Hunt

But why?

We struggle to be our own disciplinarians.

  • We try to stay off our phones at night but it still costs us our sleep and makes us late.
  • We keep saying we'll go to the gym but we don't make it out the door on time.
  • We know we need to stop snacking before bed but mindlessly pull things out of the fridge.

It's not working.

It turns out we were spoiled as children having someone else keep us at our best.
We try to solve the problem with reminders, calendars, notifications, apps, or just beating ourselves up but our brains know we can just swipe away and ignore to give in to our urge to mindlessly scroll and waste time.

Research shows having an actual living human being keeping us accountable makes all the difference. It's easy to let ourselves down, but much harder to disappoint someone else.

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It's okay to ask for help. Let me take this off your shoulders and you just focus on showing up for yourself.


It just works

Having someone we have to answer to when we drift from our goals and someone to celebrate with when we stick to them is what makes all the difference.

Personal Touch

No AI or prerecorded messages here. I am literally picking up my phone and calling you.

Text, WhatsApp, and Email available as alternatives

No Excuses

You don't pay me to entertain lame excuses. I'm here to keep you thinking objectively and sticking to the goals we agreed on.

How does it work?

Sign up below to enter the details of your goal and when you want to be contacted (up to four times per week, once per day). For just $... $... ...*, I personally contact you to check in. We celebrate when you're on track, otherwise, we put our heads together when you're not.

Each call is 1-5 minutes, just enough time for us to engage on your status. I keep track of your progress for you and I'll also remind you when you're on a streak or have beaten previous goals.

Why a human phone call?

Don't get me wrong, I'm a nice guy but unlike a notification, you're not paying me to put up with your lame excuses. If you can't follow through on the reminder, we'll have a discussion about that and you will have questions to answer.
Unlike an AI chatbot, your brain knows I'm a real person on the other end and I am personally invested in your success in hitting your goals.

*Special promotional pricing ...

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How long has it been that you've wanted this for yourself?
Why hesitate now?

It just works.

I was skeptical at first, but the daily calls have kept me on track in ways I never imagined. Highly recommend!

John S.

Actual customer

Most people cannot hold themselves (or their loved ones) accountable because we love ourselves and accept any excuse at all. This is the main appeal of personal trainers imo, to tell you to do what you already know you should. Great idea. Also, thank you for making it human.


Hacker News User



"Call me at 6:00 AM to make sure I start my morning workout routine."


"Call me at 10:00 PM to ensure I've prepared my lunch for the next day."


"Check in with me every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to confirm I've completed my assigned readings for my online course."

Frequently Asked Questions


You're not taking on new clients! Is there a waitlist?

Yes, fill out the signup form and I'll let you know next steps.

Is this a real human calling me?

Yes, it's literally me picking up my own phone and calling you.

Is it always you calling?

For the time being, yes. I think it makes a difference that you're consistently being held accountable by the same person. In this way, we form a kind of relationship of accountability. I don't currently hire anyone else for this.

Who are you?

I'm a 38 year old program manager based in the Silicon Valley. I also run a YouTube channel on ADHD at work if you want to get to know me.

What are you like on the phone?

I want you to feel icky disappointing me by not following through but the conversation will always maintain a respectful tone.

That you would go so far as to pay for this service tells me this is something important to you, and that motivates me to keep you at your best.

That being said, you're paying me to do a job and that doesn't include validating your lame excuses or otherwise making you feel better about missing your goals.

What if I need a break?

The deal is that I hold you accountable, not entertain excuses. That being said, life happens and it's best that you let me know ahead of time and use the tool I'll provide for managing your subscription.

If you need a temporary pause in services, reach out ahead of time as much as possible so you don't lose your spot if other customers are waiting.

Is there a free trial?

Shoot me an email about what you're looking for and we'll make something work for you.

Does it have to be a phone call?

In addition to phone calls, I can also send text messages, WhatsApp calls or texts, or emails if that works better for you. Let's discuss what fits your lifestyle best.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Your privacy is my priority. All personal information and the details of your goals will be kept strictly confidential. I respect your trust and will ensure that our interactions remain private.

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